Mr. Ted Zarzeczny obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada in 1971, complemented by Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the same institution. Right after graduation, he started his legal career, being appointed as the Criminal Crown Prosecutor for the Province of Saskatchewan. During employment at this position, Mr. Zarzeczny considered a number of criminal corruption cases involving fraud and criminal conspiracy offenses. Later on, he also served as the Bencher (Governor) of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and was appointed Queen’s Counsel by the Government of Saskatchewan.  

In 1996, Mr. Zarzeczny was appointed a Federal Court Judge of the Canadian Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan.  He held this position for a total of 22 years. Throughout that period, Mr. Zarzeczny presided over criminal fraud and conspiracy cases, being responsible both for procedural management and for administration of justice.  He was also elected the Director of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association and performed this function for 12 years.

Mr. Zarzeczny has had extensive academic experience. It is particularly noteworthy that he has been actively involved in implementation of the judicial project specifically designed for Ukraine. Starting from 2012, he has participated in preparation and realization of the education program for Ukrainian judges and lawyers highlighting the principles of judicial independence and impartiality fundamental for the development of public trust in the Ukrainian justice system.