Public Council of International Experts

The Public Council of International Experts (PCIE) is an auxiliary body of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine (HQCJ) that participates in the process of establishing the High Anti-Corruption Court. The PCIE is selected for two years and is composed of six competent lawyers who are prosecutors or members of the judiciary with experience in cases related to corruption.

On November 6, 2018, the HQCJ approved the composition of the PCIE with input from 5 international organizations, which Ukraine cooperates with in the fight against corruption.  The PCIE consists of Mr. Aurelijus Gutauskaus (Lithuania), Mr. Flemming Denker (Denmark), Mr. Ted Zarzeczny (Canada), Ms. Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska (Macedonia), Ms. Lorna Harris (the UK), Sir Anthony Hooper (the UK).

The PCIE is established by the Law of Ukraine “On the High Anti-Corruption Court”. It is tasked with supporting the HQCJ in evaluating compliance of the candidates with the criteria of integrity (moral, honesty, incorruptibility) for the purposes of qualification evaluation. In particular, the PCIE will evaluate sources of the candidate’s property, correspondence of the standard of living of the candidate and his or her family members with their declared income(s), correspondence of the candidate’s lifestyle to his or her status, as well as knowledge and practical skills of the candidate to consider cases within the jurisdiction of the High Anti-Corruption Court.

If the PCIE doubts that a candidate complies with the above criteria, at least three members of the PCIE can convoke a special joint meeting together with the HQCJ. During such a meeting, the PCIE and the HQCJ will vote on whether the candidate complies with the criteria defined by the law.

Financial and logistical support for the PCIE is ensured by the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine. The PCIE will also be supported by international partners supporting the work of the PCIE Secretariat.

 The Secretariat is aimed at providing comprehensive technical support to the PCIE in performing its objectives identified by the law. The Secretariat includes experts with significant experience in domains of law, business processes analysis, human resources, information technologies, communication, as well as a team of translators.

International experts